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Wangjun is a master student at AG Velten. He completed his bachelor degree in “Molecular Biotechnology” at Heidelberg University focusing in bioinformatics and is currently studying for his master’s degree in “Molecular Biotechnology” at Heidelberg University as well. During his year abroad as a visiting student at Tsinghua University, he explored his passion for computer science, complementing his strong interest in translational statistics for biological questions.

In his master’s thesis, Wangjun is working with spatial transcriptomics data. He applies factor models and explores various frameworks to identify subcellular co-localization patterns of genes that define cellular phenotypes otherwise undetectable at the cellular level.

Outside of work, Wangjun enjoys engaging in various sports such as running, weightlifting, and practicing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. In addition, he has a passion for film photography and enjoys listening to podcasts.

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